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We Produce

Wines of Rare Quality

Our wines have long been standard-bearers for the region: distinctively beautiful to behold, deliciously fragrant, and, quite simply, sublime.

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We Are

Deeply Committed Winegrowers

We are proud of the path Merry paved as an industry pioneer, and we are eager to share our passion for single-vineyard Pinot Noir.

About Us
We have an important legacy to uphold, and we expect more from ourselves because of it.
— Heidi von der Mehden, Winemaker

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We Welcome You

To Visit Our Estate

Make an appointment to taste with us, in Russian River Valley style, and learn about our passion for Pinot.

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We Farm

World-Class Vineyards

Our winery and all of our vineyards are Certified California Sustainable. Each bottling is a conscientious expression of its unique place of origin.