Welcome to the
Russian River Valley

Where Wine Country
is Farm Country

Here in West Sonoma County, the hospitality is heartfelt. We invite you to join us in our lovely vineyard-view tasting space or on our peaceful patio for a Russian River Valley wine tasting experience you’ll never forget.

OPEN DAILY 9:30am-4pm

Tasting Experience

Explore our diversE Offerings

Join us on a delightful journey through the diverse terroir of the Russian River and Anderson Valley AVAs. Enjoy our new Anderson Valley wines and our legendary Russian River and Sonoma Coast Pinot Noirs. Conclude with our world-famous Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

$45 per person
one fee waived with 3-bottle purchase

Tasting Experience

Hone in on Vineyard Variation

Explore the singular beauty of Merry Edwards Winery’s estate-grown Pinot Noirs, where tradition, innovation and terroir unite to create wines of unparalleled elegance and depth. Sample a succession of single-vineyard wines and taste varied vineyard expressions of the same grape.

$65 per person
one fee waived with 3-bottle purchase

Tasting Experience

A Curated Collection of our Top Wines

This wide-ranging experience features our most sought-after wines. You will taste our limited-production Sparkling Wine followed by a series of our rich, elegant Pinot Noirs, and concluding with our famed Sauvignon Blanc. Taste our best, as you learn the story of the iconic Merry Edwards Winery.

$90 per person
one fee waived with 3-bottle purchase

*Bite Boxes Available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for $30*


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