A Bold Legacy, A Bright Future

We consider ourselves winegrowers with profound respect for the land. We produce single-vineyard Pinot Noirs of immense depth, elegant structure, and exceptional longevity.

But we are more than a collection of stellar vineyard sites and outstanding wines. We are groundbreakers, who believe not only in paving the way for the next generation, but also in making that path easier to navigate.

I believe we are connected by the passion for what goes in the bottle and the route by which it gets there. I feel compelled to ignite and impart that knowledge to the next generation.
— Nicole Carter, President

Our Leadership

Dedicated and Collaborative

Since 1970, Merry Edwards has been considered a trailblazer whose contributions have helped shape the American wine industry. Today her legacy carries on—Winemaker Heidi von der Mehden and Winery President Nicole Carter honor her accomplishments every day, sharing Merry’s fierce determination and uncompromising commitment to quality. This is a workplace where everyone is encouraged to succeed.

Our Team

Eastern view from atop the winery's solar array.

We’re All in This Together

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Certified California Sustainable Vineyard & Winery

Sustainability can be measured in broad strokes as well as small actions. Our winery and all of our vineyards are Certified California Sustainable. Solar panels provide a large share of the winery’s electricity. Our parking lot is paved in permeable concrete so excess rainfall helps replenish groundwater and prevent erosion. On a smaller scale, but equally important, our Sustainability Team meets on a regular basis to evaluate and implement ideas to constantly advance our sustainability goals. Some recent improvements have led to significantly reduced paper use, the installation of LED lighting, and the planting of native, pollinator-friendly landscaping. It is work we do to continue our winery’s enduring commitment to being green, because it is good business and the right thing to do. Keep an eye on our social media channels, where we share our sustainability efforts, challenges and triumphs.

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