— Estate Vineyard —

On the site of our winery, Coopersmith Vineyard sits on the rolling Laguna Ridge near the town of Sebastopol, just west of the wintertime lake known as the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Merry Edwards and her husband, Ken Coopersmith, purchased this 9.5-acre apple orchard in 1999. They planted this Russian River vineyard to Pinot Noir in the summer of 2001. It is currently planted to 100 percent of the highly successful UCD 37 Pinot Noir clone, aka Merry’s clone.

Practicing sustainable farming, these vines have been pampered with micronutrients derived from timed applications of organic, oak-based mushroom compost, provided by our neighbor Gourmet Mushrooms. Birds of prey, such as red-tail hawks and peregrine falcons, patrol the vineyard for gophers and nest in the tall trees surrounding the property. Barn owls raise their young in the boxes on high poles scattered throughout the vines, capturing rodents at night. Originally the home of Haven Best’s organic apples, the site proved its potential from the very first bottling in 2004. Coopersmith Pinot Noir characteristically presents aromas lush with cocoa and cherries, along with a rich mouthful of supple tannins.

Russian River Valley
Total Acres
9.5 acres; 6.5 planted
Soil Type
Sebastopol Sandy Loam
Year Planted
10114 and Schwarzmann
Scion Wood Clones
UCD 37 (isolated by Merry Edwards at Mount Eden Vineyard, aka the Merry Edwards selection)
Vine Spacing
5 x 8 feet, vertical trellis