The Anderson Valley is located in the rolling hills of the coastal region of Mendocino County, 110 miles northwest of San Francisco. Only fifteen miles long, this beautiful valley is home to a unique group of vineyards that produce world-class wines. The coolest growing region in California is comprised of rolling hills and forests of redwood trees ― this is the home of the Dach Vineyard. The Dach Vineyard (pronounced “Dash”), with its marine influence and northeast-southwest facing aspect, provides exceptional conditions for the cultivation of Pinot Noir, and the wines from Dach greatly complement our current offerings. In addition, the vineyard was certified organic in 2014 and certified biodynamic in 2016, which fits in well with our mission of sustainability.

Dach has 17.5 acres under vine that are farmed in a manner that creates a diversified, balanced ecosystem. Beneficial insectary plants and designated areas provide habitat for friendly insects that help control vineyard pests and support pollination. All-natural compost preparations restore soil and enhance fruit quality, and a variety of cover crops in rotation benefit vineyard health, as well as create feed for local sheep that visit the vineyard in the winter months.

Also, as part of Fish Friendly Farming certification, drainage systems capture and move groundwater to a dedicated reservoir, where it is repurposed for irrigation and frost control. Along with the reuse of water from the vineyard to the reservoir, 30 acres of the property that includes Dach Vineyard are dedicated to native wildlife.

Anderson Valley
Total Acres
17.5 acres
Northeast-Southwest; 8% Slope
Soil Type
Boontling and Perrygulch Loam
Year Planted
420A, 10114
Scion Wood Clones
UCD 9; Dijon 115 and 828; Heritage Clone
Vine Spacing
3.5 x 7 feet; vertical trellis