Meredith Estate


— Estate Vineyard —

In 1996, Merry purchased this 24-acre site, an abandoned apple orchard southwest of the Sebastopol city limits. Two years later, she converted the entire parcel to Pinot Noir. Meredith Estate vineyard grows in an area known locally as the Sebastopol Hills. On this cool southern edge of Russian River Valley, summer fog shrouds the area, typically until midday. Vine growth and crop load are carefully monitored and maintained, and irrigation requirements are precisely determined by measuring the moisture content of the grape leaves.

We are now farming all of Meredith Estate organically and intend to attain certification in the near future, but stewardship of this site has always included the use of sustainable, renewable farming practices. Cover crops are maintained between the vine rows, reducing erosion of the steep, sloping terrain and supporting beneficial insects. Natural amendments, including grape pomace and mushroom compost, replenish the soil with micronutrients. Owl boxes and hawk perches encourage natural control of rodents and other pests, and bluebird boxes are being installed to aid insect control.

Meredith Estate is the flagship wine of Merry Edwards Winery and is aged for 10 months in French oak barrels. It offers aromas of rose petals, wild strawberries, dried violets, tea and baking spice. Its big entry displays ripe tannins, while the body is lush, bold and powerful. This is a wine crafted for aging.

Photography by Dawn Heumann.

Russian River Valley
Total Acres
24 total; 20 planted
South/southeast; 8-12% slope
Soil Type
Goldridge Sandy Loam
Year Planted
10114 and Schwarzmann
Scion Wood Clones
Dijon clones 115, 667 and 777; UCD 37 (the Merry Edwards selection)
Vine Spacing
5 x 8 feet; vertical trellis